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Philipp Burger

Philipp Burger

Philipp Burger, singer and frontman of the rock band Frei.Wild from Brixen, South Tyrol (Italy), is a multi-faceted personality in the German-language music scene. Growing up as the middle child of a loving family, he has made a name for himself over the years as the singer of the band Frei.Wild, as well as a composer, author and producer. In addition to his artistic career, Philipp is also a farmer, carpenter, mountaineer, travelling enthusiast and passionate fisherman. He is also a proud husband and family man, which completes his image as a versatile and committed personality.

Philipp Burger is known for his tireless drive and his ability for self-reflection, which also guided him through personally difficult times in his youth. This phase had a profound impact on him and was the impetus for his personal and professional maturation process. He does not shy away from recognising his mistakes and learning from them in order to prove to himself and others that he is more than the sum of his past. His perseverance to achieve goals, combined with his South Tyrolean outlook, is reflected in his work and commitment. Philipp prefers to share his life story openly, both the highs and the lows, while always remaining a fighter willing to stand up for his beliefs.

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