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Foster, Thomas

Foster, Thomas

Thomas Foster is a very successful music producer from Salzburg, Austria. Almost everyone has heard one of his jingles. Together with Peter Kent, Thomas Foster produces under "Foster Kent" today acoustic designs, so-called jingles, for the most successful radio stations worldwide. If you drive through New York in a cab, for example, there's a good chance you'll hear their music, because most cab drivers listen to "1010 Wins New York," the news station that plays a news jingle composed by them every 20 minutes. Foster Kent have made jingles for German-language radio stations such as Hitradio Ö3, Bayern 3, NDR 2, YouFM, MDR Jump and WDR 2. That's what the name Foster Kent stands for.
A few years ago he started his Youtube channel "Thomas Foster Musikproduktion", which is all about music production. In 2022, his videos were clicked on over a million times. Furthermore, there is a podcast, which is also called "Thomas Foster Music Production".

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