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Book distribution for publishers, authors and self-publishers. We manage your entire book distribution and list your titles at all major book wholesalers

Publish Your Own Book in the Book Trade and Become a Successful Selfpublisher

The number of selfpublishers and respectively selfpublished books has been rising rapidly over the past years. The book market has adjusted to this trend, which makes it nowadays very easy for independent authors to print and publish their own book professionally as their own publisher, completely without a big publishing house.

Become an Independent Author

Nova MD provides you a professional book distribution, so you as an author can stay independent and flexible. Of course all copyrights and important decisions like edition size, book form

Publish Your Print Book in the Whole Book Trade

Is the printed book still up-to-date? Basically this is purely a question of taste, if you prefer an eBook or physical book, but a classic book has some advantages: The eBook market has been growing every year since Amazon introduced their kindle, Tolino & Co. established as well. However the majority of sales is still generated by print books. Thanks to small editions the costs and risks for selfpublishers are manageable, but the sales opportunities are much higher due to the stronger demand. With a combination of eBook and physical book you can serve all customer groups and maximize your revenue.

Your Self Publisher-Service From Letterpress to Delivery

We support you in all matters from the printing process up to the delivery of your book to the book market. You don't have a book cover, yet? Our professional graphic design team creates unique and individual book covers according to your desires, so that it fits your story and genre perfectly. In this way we can ensure that your book is presented in the best possible way in the book market. Of course, you can choose your own printing company, but we can help you with the handling if you choose our partner printer, who prints your book at a reasonable price.